Win More Deals in 3 Steps (Even If You’re Bad At Selling)

Every buying decision is emotional.

Even B2B decisions — which should be logical — aren’t 100% dependent on logic.

As the face of your company, your salespeople mean a lot more to the customer than just being deal facilitators. Having competent, trustworthy and likable salespeople on your team is the key to boosting your revenue, growth, and profits in B2B selling.

However, even the best salespeople in the world can’t be fully effective if they don’t get a chance to understand their prospects well. This challenge has never been bigger than in 2021 when most business of the interactions are happening remotely, and will continue to happen so in the foreseeable future.

For salespeople, this means that they won’t be able to get a firm grip of their prospects’ preferences before the third, or fourth, or maybe fifth call.

And that’s if the prospects are still around!

These three steps in your sales motion become critically important for your salespeople so they can make the most out of their limited interaction with their prospects.

Step 1: Preparing for contact

Research is the key differentiator between closing or losing. The more you know about your prospects, the better, right?

The problem is that there’s only so much you can gather from press releases, social media posts, or company profiles.

You might know a lot about the company, but if you don’t know enough about the prospect beyond their title and the budget, you’re missing an enormous part of the picture.

Knowing what to offer and when to reach out is table stakes, but if you really want to stand out from competition — you need to know how.

Every prospect is unique, has a different personality, makes decisions differently, is impressed or put off by different things — so it’s easier said than done.

That’s where Humantic AI comes to the rescue of many salespeople.

It helps them take their research a level above by getting decisive intel on their prospects…

… which information to focus on, and…

… how to close better deals with Humantic AI.

Step 2: Personalizing your outreach

In a crowded market, expressing that you’re one of the few that actually cares about your customer’s success will guarantee you that meeting.

But how do you express that without sounding, well, scammy?

The answer lies in personalization.

No, we’re not talking about just using their first name or mentioning the company name somewhere in the email. That is good enough if you are an amateur.

We’re talking about personalizing your complete message to match the customer’s expectations.

Through personality insights, you can focus on the factors that truly matter to your prospects, so that you’ll be better prepared to help them make the final buying decision and close the deal.

Step 3: Closing the deal

Alright, alright. It’s easy to talk about closing a deal, but it’s actually harder to do it, right?

With Humantic AI provided insights, you can often change the outcome and win deals that you otherwise might be likely to lose.

You can overcome many challenges that will otherwise entangle your deals, sometimes fatally.

Add a layer of humanization to your sales calls and show your prospects that you understand them and you understand what matters to them, even when you’ve never met in real life.

From a salesperson, Humantic AI turns you into a salesperson with superpowers, winning deal after deal while building lasting relationships with your customers.

If you’d like to try adding 20–30% more closing to your sales pipeline, you can learn more here.