Welcoming IBM Watson Personality Insights API users to Humantic AI

If you haven’t heard so far, IBM Watson is sunsetting its personality insights API. According to a message posted on their website, they are not accepting any new customers and the current customers have time till Dec 1, 2021 to move off the platform. At that point, the personality insights API would be shut down completely.

To everyone who is impacted by this update — we know that forced changes to the roadmap are never fun, but guess what you can still be glad about?

Having an alternative option to move on to.

So to everyone looking for alternatives, I would like to welcome you to Humantic AI!

Our APIs are robust, comprehensive, and accurate — even if you miss Watson APIs, it won’t be for long. This is what some of the migrating users have to say.

Oh, and a small backstory. While most of the world might see IBM Watson as the pioneer of predictive personality insights, the reality is a little different. The team behind Humantic AI was doing this in 2014, before Watson (as part of its earlier product Frrole AI). Here is this team welcoming Watson’s personality insights API announcement back in the day.

You see, we have a sense of humor too :D

A few highlights:

Humantic AI APIs support text and Twitter as input data just like IBM Watson, but they also support Linkedin and email.

Like IBM Watson, Humantic AI provides Big Five personality assessment for any individual (or for a body of text). Additionally, it also provides DISC profile, Workplace Behavioral Factors assessment as well as context-specific communication advice for sales, marketing and customer service.

In this research paper by I/O psychologist Dr. Tom Janz, Humantic AI (earlier called DeepSense) shows correlation in the 0.4–0.7 range against observed behavior, which is higher compared to published results by IBM Watson (or any other solution).

If you’d like to see a full comparison between Watson and Humantic, you can check it out here.

At Humantic AI, we believe that it is critical for future software (and technology in general) to be more humane; to become more aware, personalized,and empathetic. To see people as unique individuals rather than as unique IDs.

As technology and AI keep getting bigger and bigger in our lives, we deserve this humanization.

To making software more humane!

Amarpreet Kalkat

Founder, Humantic AI

I am the personality and behavior insights AI for sales and talent teams. My goal is to make all human interactions more humane. Featured on @WSJ , @HBR etc.