Revolutionizing Sales Using Personality Insights

Staying Competitive with Personality Insights

When you’re approaching a prospect, what do you start with?

For as long as it has existed, the field of sales has been all about building relationships.

Before the phone took centerstage, this process was run directly. Salespeople went door to door to offer their services, hoping someone along their route will hopefully need their product.

Move it forward by a few decades, and you have salespeople calling your phone asking if you have time to chat so they can talk about their products until your ears are hot and humid and you hang up the phone.

Fast forward a few years to the present, after everything has gone digital and virtual, and it’s pretty much the same approach being followed. You still call or send emails, hoping you’ll get lucky and bump into someone who coincidentally needs your product.

It is a numbers game, and not a very efficient one either, but that is what you could do with the tools you have.

The methods may have become different, but still, making a connection is the key to building sustainable sales flow.

Personalization in Sales

Whether you realize it or not, every interaction between you and your potential buyer has a personalization component to it.

Although the concept of psychology in sales has already been used for decades, the past few years have seen advances in predictive psychometrics and psychology that can be humongously productive for personalization.

Tools for automating personalization and leveraging personality insights that boost your efficiency are used by almost everyone who’s become even a semi-pro at selling.

According to SmarterHQ, personalization has become such a standard step that now 72% of prospects will only reply to personalized messages. That’s 72% of potential revenue down the drain just because you’re not personalizing or doing it well enough.

The Importance of Personality Insights

Leveraging personality insights is an essential part of building a robust personalization playbook. Here are a few things personality insights can help you while selling:

  1. Distribute more relevant and targeted content
  2. Make more informed business decisions depending upon the personality of your prospect
  3. Personalize your email or phone messages and make stronger connections with your prospects
  4. Identify your prospect’s needs and concerns and approach them in an appropriate manner

In 2020, leveraging personality insights in your sales motion isn’t just a recommendation to get ahead of others, it’s a tool that you need just to stay competitive.

It isn’t enough to add your prospect’s name in an email and call it ‘personalization.’ It was ok in 2015 but today, you need to do a lot more.

The bigger your product is, the more insights you need to gather before you even begin approaching your prospect.

Today, platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, etc. are making personality insights an integral part of their personalization technology. Tools like Humantic AI’s Chrome extension are also making it super easy to get personality insights for any prospect out there. In one click from their Twitter or LinkedIn page, you can understand your target on a deeper level and, consequently, craft a personalized approach that both you and your prospect will love.

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