How Personality Insights Help You Boost Sales And Revenue

3 Benefits of Using Personality Insights In Sales

In sales, you’re supposed to deal with strangers you barely know (or don’t know at all), and try to sell them something.

To close a deal, you need to know what kind of people you’re selling to and how to lead them to a solution and terms that both the parties can agree on. Creating a great first impression and a meaningful interaction is the first step you need to win prospects over.

Personality insights give you a head start by showing you useful information about who you’re going to talk to, including their decision-making style, speed, and style of communication.

Fix your approach and strategy

Even when you’re presented with the perfect prospect, sometimes discussions fall through and you are left wondering if it was because of something that you said or did. Using a personality insights tool that lets you understand your customer’s preferences and style beforehand can help you eliminate these doubts. Even when you get to interact with the prospect often and get a chance to form your own impression, you have a reliable, scientifically proven and objective method to compare your impression to and be doubly sure about it.

And this is if you get a perfect prospect, one that needs your product and checks all your boxes. In reality, each prospect is different and will have a different process they like to go through, some analyze your product thoroughly, some trust what others have to say, some focus purely on the ROI, some can be carried through just through the weight of a positive relationship. Every prospect has a different weightage for decision factors, whatever they might say.

Personality insights tools like Humantic AI let you identify your prospect’s style of decision-making and what kind of approach would be most effective with them. Using familiar words and language, along with the right strategy can greatly boost your chances of becoming the vendor that beats competition and bags the deal.

Besides the usual research that you do every time you come across a prospect, having personality insights ensures that you’re using the right approach so that the hours of prior research put in by you or your team are put to good use. Plus, your competitors are doing the same research as well, so the question is, how do you stand out and differentiate itself?

Close more deals

Personality insights can help you close more deals through better personalization. According to Gartner, companies that use personalization techniques have 30% higher close rates compared to those who don’t.

To improve your personalization methodology, you need a lot of data, including personality insights.

Personalization involves knowing what your customers need and when they need it and then helping them realize that your product is the right choice for them. Your job of guiding them will become a lot easier if you use an approach they’re familiar and comfortable with, which is where personality insights come in.

Close deals faster

It is also a fact that the bigger a deal is, the longer it takes to close it.

However, knowing what kind of person you’re dealing with helps you craft a suitable approach and anticipate your prospects’ concerns and questions. Thus, having personality insights beforehand helps you shorten the sales cycle as well.

The point is…

Having personality insights to back you up during interactions with your prospects can quickly become a critical differentiator. In deals where the difference between you and your competition is not much (in the prospect’s eyes), it could end up being your only leverage.

Even in deals where you are well placed, having personality insights can be reassuring and stop you or others from second-guessing your decisions or approach again and again. You can also implement personality insights to speed up your sales cycle and customize how you get your message across to each prospect.

If you have any doubts, check out why the users of tools like Humantic AI swear by them and see how it has helped them close more deals with confidence.

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