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Why Your Candidates Aren’t Replying To You (and How to Fix It)

In 2015, an average office worker received 122 business emails daily.

That’s a lot of messages to go through. Can you imagine how much time it takes to read all of them?

Just this minor fact is enough to understand why your candidates aren’t responding to your emails.

Reason #1: Your email got lost in their inbox.

Reason #2: They’re just not interested in the position you’re offering.

Reason #3: The content of your email sounds like something you take out of a free template somewhere on the internet.

If the reason is they’re not interested in the position, there’s nothing you can do about that. If it’s just a matter of optimizing your emails, on the other…

Staying Competitive with Personality Insights

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When you’re approaching a prospect, what do you start with?

For as long as it has existed, the field of sales has been all about building relationships.

Before the phone took centerstage, this process was run directly. Salespeople went door to door to offer their services, hoping someone along their route will hopefully need their product.

Move it forward by a few decades, and you have salespeople calling your phone asking if you have time to chat so they can talk about their products until your ears are hot and humid and you hang up the phone.

Fast forward a few years to the present, after everything has gone digital and virtual, and it’s pretty much the same approach being followed. You still call or send emails, hoping you’ll get lucky and bump into someone who coincidentally needs your product. …

3 Benefits of Using Personality Insights In Sales

In sales, you’re supposed to deal with strangers you barely know (or don’t know at all), and try to sell them something.

To close a deal, you need to know what kind of people you’re selling to and how to lead them to a solution and terms that both the parties can agree on. Creating a great first impression and a meaningful interaction is the first step you need to win prospects over.

Personality insights give you a head start by showing you useful information about who you’re going to talk to, including their decision-making style, speed, and style of communication. …

AI has become an integral part of how businesses function in recent times. The phenomenon is all set to change the way recruiters go about their fundamental tasks as well. It is beginning to provide strategic solutions to some of the key challenges when it comes to talent assessment.

In its early stages, AI had quite a dubious reputation and was feared as a ‘Black Box’ that was incapable of backing its judgment/decisions with substantiating evidence. …

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Every year, LinkedIn does an annual ‘Global Talent Trends Report’ that is widely read across the industry. The biggest talent acquisition problem that the 2019 report published earlier this year calls out is one that the industry has known for years — soft skills assessment. 92% of the polled 10000 recruiters say they matter as much or more than hard skills, but only 41% even claim to have a proper methodology in place to assess soft skills.

As LinkedIn puts it:

“This growing disconnect between the demand for soft skills and the inability to identify them is reaching a tipping point.” …


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